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  1. [PDE]XRayGR

    I will issue your unban,i take your not reload cancel deal as a word.otherwise i will hunt u till the moon to ban u again eheheh!Good luck!
  2. [PDE]XRayGR

    My monitor is old also. its an lg 19 inches from 2011 with no hdmi port an max analysis 1366 x 768 I could give around 150 to 170 euros cause i plan to get a better monitor too. I also believe that new are a no risky solution,and its you get what you pay for. My system is the following Motherboard Asus Prime b350 Plus Cpu AMD Ryzen 3 1200 4 cores 3100Mhz PSU Generic 600w GPU Gainward Nvidia GTS 450 1 gb Ram = 16GB 8gb + 8 Gb off which is not loaded cause i dont need so much ram for usual activities or waw for ex
  3. [PDE]XRayGR

    If i remember correctly it must be an 600watt power supply
  4. [PDE]XRayGR

    Gtx 1050 was really something that i've looked into that before.As i see i might go to this one,but after i settle some other priorities.I dont really want to go to a very expensive card,but compared to the 190 euros that i got my gainward GTS450 at 2010 i am very pleased that still works smoothly after 9 years. I saw a very cheap one of gtx 750ti version,but i am not in a hurry. Since that my time is limited i would like to go to an upgrade and try new games since i've got a new motherboard and 16gb ram with ryzen 3.But i wanted my graphics card to die first and then go to a new one (thats what i say to myself since 2010 and here we are at 2019 LOL!!)
  5. [PDE]XRayGR

    Even this card is better than mine hehehe
  6. [PDE]XRayGR

  7. [PDE]XRayGR

    Hehe sorry i meant graphics card just didnt type all of it for convinience. My graphics card is the Gainward nvidia GTS450,and i am searching for something better
  8. [PDE]XRayGR

    Ad for Graphics Card Hello, I'd like to ask if anyone has a spare graphics card that works,doesnt use it anymore maybe due to an upgrade,and willing to sale it to a reasonable price? If yes pm me to talk! I have an 2010 gfx card and plan to upgrade soon. So i give it a try with any spare used or i will get a new one.
  9. [PDE]XRayGR

    Well,we almost have the same demo.But u might not understand or didnt want to. So,When i joined i was spectating players,and saw u doing the following thing with ptrs. You were scrolling to pull the sniper back and forward instantly to the aim and firing something like that at this demo at 06:55 https://www64.zippyshare.com/v/UkRuGfWz/file.html: (just to give you an explanation) Thats what i call scroll glitch shooting. Also u were using reload cancels all the time with the ptrs thats another rule. And my demo just for saying : https://www64.zippyshare.com/v/YBKVjgvi/file.html (you re doing that scroll glitch at 6:55-54) I just dont like ironic quoting like whatever that is.. or I didn't do whatever the admin said I did... cause you knew about scroll bounding and you were screwing almost every reload by skipping it.
  10. [PDE]XRayGR

    Music...What do you feel right now! As i recall we had one post like theis where we could post some songs at the previous sites!Well...here we are!! https://youtu.be/qERA67X594Y
  11. Ok you will be unbanned but it would be nice if you read the rules and stop doing that 1,1 you know what i mean
  12. [PDE]XRayGR

    I really cant understand how you cant notice the 2 warnings or either my comments like no reload cancels etc. Do u use any stuff hidding the chat or what? i warned you twice,talked to you,i think i had patience but you didnt seem to understand you can watch the demo if you like too. WdhtchWandrs: https://www119.zippyshare.com/v/x1XQvbZn/file.html
  13. Even though you were warned,i was pretty patient today,u kept doing it and ignoring me,u can watch the demo if you want but i got tired after waiting and waiting for u to stop hehe Demo : https://www90.zippyshare.com/v/jqXBtWEf/file.html
  14. [PDE]XRayGR

    Watch this demo https://www8.zippyshare.com/v/WKG8b07t/file.html and see that you stop the reload animation.Thats reload cancel.The fact that u were calling us blind with the " I am not doing reload cancels" is enough. There are other servers you can enjoy doing these stuff there.Good bye & end of discussion.
  15. [PDE]XRayGR

    Hehe sorry for the trouble P !