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  1. [PDE]XRayGR

    If these timed examples didnt seem like reload cancels to you especially at first demo between 11:01-10:59,10:43, and at the beginning of the second demo at 11:30 well...stay banned pal,no hope for you! Since you cant follow the rules As i previously stated to you,you can play to other servers that allowing glitches,bounces,rapid firing,reload cancels etc etc so why to break our hearts? For example try this one C4S TDM / FFA | Fair Admins | BEST MAPS |
  2. [PDE]XRayGR

    Hello!Well,sometimes the facts arent like these we want to present them to be. First of all i dont like sarcasm and mockering phrases like "man you cant reload cancel with ptrs" "i didnt reload cancel" etc etc No pal you dont respect the rules of the server cause prolly you didnt even know them. But thanks god that there is the demo system. First of all check demo no1 : https://www75.zippyshare.com/v/RKTAbPRz/file.html and to not waste your time.examples like 10:59 and 10:43 game time Warned & Answered saracastically that you cant reload with prts etc etc..I gave you a second chance and said "ah let him play he might stop it" next maps i created another demo: https://www24.zippyshare.com/v/ho0DcrdO/file.html Some examples of reload canceling but not so frequent again 11:30 and 10:05 game time,since at 8:20 game time exactly you start praprapra with prts. Sorry,you can keep playing to other servers and do stuff like these that you seem to enjoy, but our server is surely not one of these servers. We never ban players without a reason,and even though you were warned you kept experimenting.
  3. [PDE]XRayGR

    For this month i really cant afford due to some personal matters.Next month for sure
  4. [PDE]XRayGR

    yea good to see you here too Tydro!!Enjoy man!!
  5. [PDE]XRayGR

    No,no,thats not going to happen.Since you cant follow a simple rule that you have already been warned before,explained and seemed to understand after the prev ban, noyou are not going to have a third chance.Cause you already had a second one.
  6. [PDE]XRayGR

    Personally i didnt have any problems with reload cancels at mw2 and mw3 these were the last online cods i played. Maybe i wasnt in the right servers lol.Also as i remember they had rules both on mw2 and mw3. Whatever there is no need for further discussion,and for all the bans that PDE members do,they record demos as a proof. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
  7. [PDE]XRayGR

    We dont care what other servers-lobbies as u say- do,we care for our server and not the other ones.Also,we see where these servers ended up to be on the gaming list. First of all we dont ban players without a proof,and to be clear we're not banning players randomly because we have a grudge or just because we dont like the name or the player or his style. Snipping community?Which is that sniping community?And why all these unfair banned players who state that either are banned without reason or banned while they didnt reload cancel at all and followed all the rules are not making an appeal to show them the exact demo of their ban? Well,might the stories that you read is not all clearly stated hehe.
  8. [PDE]XRayGR

    We're not that kind of type guys that we take bribes in order to unban players. I was so patient before giving you a ban,you said to me that you will try not to do it and you kept doing the same thing.What should I believe now? If you cant follow the rules,its just pointless. I need some time to think what i will do.I cant grand anything. The fact that we re a populated server is known all these years,thats why players must follow the rules if they want to keep playing to a server in general.Thats something that exists to every server and not just PDE servers.
  9. [PDE]XRayGR

    I didnt brag that i can permban you.Its pointless to talk with kids that wishing other players to get cancer. You didnt stop at warnings,you didnt stop at all,you even though found an ally on why its ok to reload cancel. You didnt even try to stop doing it at once damned round. It became personal,no you wont get unbanned,go back to mw3 and do the things you do,or you can do your favorite habbit at other cod servers. And a demo just for the history with rc,ff, etc and all the other bollocks : https://www9.zippyshare.com/v/UBqRlqEo/file.html
  10. [PDE]XRayGR

    I will issue your unban,i take your not reload cancel deal as a word.otherwise i will hunt u till the moon to ban u again eheheh!Good luck!
  11. [PDE]XRayGR

    My monitor is old also. its an lg 19 inches from 2011 with no hdmi port an max analysis 1366 x 768 I could give around 150 to 170 euros cause i plan to get a better monitor too. I also believe that new are a no risky solution,and its you get what you pay for. My system is the following Motherboard Asus Prime b350 Plus Cpu AMD Ryzen 3 1200 4 cores 3100Mhz PSU Generic 600w GPU Gainward Nvidia GTS 450 1 gb Ram = 16GB 8gb + 8 Gb off which is not loaded cause i dont need so much ram for usual activities or waw for ex
  12. [PDE]XRayGR

    If i remember correctly it must be an 600watt power supply
  13. [PDE]XRayGR

    Gtx 1050 was really something that i've looked into that before.As i see i might go to this one,but after i settle some other priorities.I dont really want to go to a very expensive card,but compared to the 190 euros that i got my gainward GTS450 at 2010 i am very pleased that still works smoothly after 9 years. I saw a very cheap one of gtx 750ti version,but i am not in a hurry. Since that my time is limited i would like to go to an upgrade and try new games since i've got a new motherboard and 16gb ram with ryzen 3.But i wanted my graphics card to die first and then go to a new one (thats what i say to myself since 2010 and here we are at 2019 LOL!!)
  14. [PDE]XRayGR

    Even this card is better than mine hehehe
  15. [PDE]XRayGR

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