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  1. Josey Wales

    Count me in when you do the relaunch Scrinn
  2. Josey Wales

    Thanks Zuko & Scrinn.. I can either access CoD via Steam or thru Comms. Weird that when I use Comms to access WaW it doesn't show... So lately I have been using Steam so I can chat with Zuko and other friends.. Is there another program that we are using instead? Maybe make a Steam version of the PDE group?
  3. Josey Wales

    First I would like to point out how nice it is to be able to communicate with PDE & friends through Comms. I am not sure if it is just me or if anyone else is having the same issue with the overlay not working but I find it very finicky for lack of a better word.. Works sometimes but not others for me.. at first.. However now I cannot get the darn overlay to display at all. It gets really frustrating to leave the servers to check and see if someone was trying to send a message to me.. Only to get a server full notice when I go back.. Seeing server full is a good thing too, but if one of those spots were occupied with a hackerer and by chance there are no admins/mods.. Well you see where I am going with that.. I can see that my overlay is on but nothing when I get in game..any suggestions? Frustratingly Optimistic that someone can help J. Wales
  4. Josey Wales

    MadDog. I cannot speak for other Admins but I always let that go. Get with and PM other admins to get their opinions
  5. Josey Wales

    Nicely done Chaos! Give me that first minute over and over again... that was raw
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