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  1. [PDE]ChaosTheory

  2. [PDE]ChaosTheory

    Why not replace the coolant if u got tired of it and replace it with (AIO COOLER) ? I see you have GeForce® GTX 970M, maybe you can try running the sims 2 on full graphics..
  3. [PDE]ChaosTheory

    Nice, you are welcome For those who uses skype: https://join.skype.com/jjQ2pMGkfeWN
  4. [PDE]ChaosTheory

    PDE Have now a Battlefield 1 server with the newest maps, everyone is welcome. Especially CODWAW players. Server is not active but this shouldnt be a problem if 5-10 of us play im sure the server will fill up. I have also added Fast Respawn. Make sure to check it out. For those who dont have premium, add me on origin : PDEShadowMoses and I will add you to a premium party so you can play all the maps
  5. [PDE]ChaosTheory

    Topic is now locked. Zuko: so far he is clean but it is up to you guys to make decision i only support . Decision has been made, pleast dont make a video next time showing his innocence, it makes no sense. No one would put up his hack after trying to convince us that it wasnt intentionally.
  6. [PDE]ChaosTheory

    So you killed 10 people in a moment and then realized the hack was on ? This is a zero tolerance rule. I understand that you wanna come back and that you regret doing it, but once it is done we/me dont care how you did it and why, its a perm ban. We never negotiate with hackers, this rule cannot be undone.
  7. We now have a PDE BATTLEFIELD 1 SERVER. Everyone is welcome! Search for PDE and have fun
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