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  1. 'Dangerous Driving' And Burnout 3 TAKEDOWN SHOWDOWN!
  2. [PDE]PaulKersey

    The admin that banned you isn't here right now. Check back in a few hours and they will be able to provide you with info.
  3. [PDE]PaulKersey

    HAPPY 4/20 Day! Happy 4/20 day to all of those who celebrate!
  4. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Primarily PC for any game we mention usually.
  5. Who Here Plays Split/Second Racing (or wants to play)? If you don't know that racing game, it goes a little something like this: (edit: That first part was a survival mode we decided to try out together, but after that, it's racing. It's a racing game) We wanted to get as many people that play this game (or newcomers) as possible. It only supports 8 players. The online network is down, but thankfully, it supports LAN. They are one of the few that got it right. I can think of about 5 or 6 of us that are down. There's another racer by the name of Blur, which supports 20 players. We'll probably get into that later, but for now, how 'bout some Split/Second? Huh Taj? lol
  6. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Thanks for the support from others.
  7. [PDE]PaulKersey

  8. [PDE]PaulKersey

    NO DONATIONS THIS MONTH I just wanted to alert players that there are no donations for this month. Seems odd to me, but I guess that's WAW. I don't know. Well, in a few short days, servers will probably shut down from being overdue eventually. Edit: Thanks to Mike_J92 for chipping in
  9. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Players from consoles would often compare some PC servers to hacked lobbies which they are used to and which the host (and probably the players as well) actually hack and cheat. I used to see the term thrown around referring to servers like ours, but I haven't seen it come up in the last year or so in the times I've visited the servers. They would also think servers with actual mods are bad, not knowing the difference that on consoles, those 'mods' and mod menus are hacks usually gotten by having a modded console in the first place. Mods on PC are a standard gameplay thing and we actually have mod tools provided by the game company themselves whereas consoles are locked and are not allowed. That's too much for the game chat space as you can see. So, it was just simplified.
  10. Everything seems normal there. Executable looks fine. I'll have to sit and think on this one as I have never seen this happen before. Could be a port forward issue, but that would be strange because you can login. I think that port would be 3074 and the port for multiplayer is 28960. Others may have some ideas, but I'll try to think of some things.
  11. That's quite weird. Although there will be no links of things like that here, would you happen to have a modified executable that may be causing the issue? You shouldn't be having problems like this, but I can see you do. Also, can you join
  12. [PDE]PaulKersey

    You will be unbanned, but if it's spotted again, then it's right back to it. We can't tolerate large swarms of that on the servers.
  13. [PDE]PaulKersey

    We avoid having players who exploit shots. It's a common problem and buildup from time to time. EU servers have players right now.
  14. [PDE]PaulKersey

  15. [PDE]PaulKersey

    http://www.pdelite.org/rules/server-rules/ Hello SoaRRxqe. You tend to attract the wrong crowd to the servers here. You may feature videos or our servers, but that's exactly the type of thing we don't want coming from what you guys do. There's a history with that stuff. You can check out the rules and see which applies to you and click it. You are unbanned. Just follow that rule for sure. This server below was made for you guys: C4S TDM / FFA | Fair Admins | BEST MAPS | There used to be a gang of y'all on that server and that's the place you should be making videos of. That's the server that needs all of you and does everything you want to do. Get to those guys' site and work with them on it. That would be great.
  16. [PDE]PaulKersey

    I'm helping you with servers. You are saying you just want to play and I have given you active servers that you can join right away. What are the problems with those servers suggested?
  17. [PDE]PaulKersey Anaheim Ducks IGO rpekTV They are consistently populated and you can play right now. Check them out
  18. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Why do you want to play at our server in particular? There are other great servers you haven't been banned from (probably): Anaheim Ducks IGO rpekTV =[JFF]= Server #1 Old Gits Having Fun HC TDM [B3] That's to name a few.
  19. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Were you banned today?
  20. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Some of those servers have players from time to time. They are just not on all day like some of the known servers. Some are just with a small group of friends every now and then or for small internal tournaments. Those players that complain the most and are the most vocal are the ones that should be filling those servers up. They want to go to servers with players, then complain and insult about what they don't like and there are plenty of servers to play on.
  21. Borderlands 3 Preparation: Son Of Crawmerax | Episode 2
  22. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Welcome Tydro1! Yeah we know about that server from being heavy players there until the end of 2009. I guess all of us has been playing throughout the game's life, but it's a great game and the last of its kind. Good to see you on the forum.
  23. PDG's Borderlands 3 Preparation: Revisiting BL2 Remastered - Episode 1
  24. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Super Mario Little BIG Man
  25. [PDE]PaulKersey

    CoDWaW Generic Server Config seta sv_punkbuster 1 wait pb_sv_enable //****************************************************************************** // Color Codes //****************************************************************************** // Colors for text. Do not clear the comment in front of the color codes. // Useful for your server name, motd msg's - Information and ref use only // // ^1 = Red // ^2 = Green // ^3 = Yellow // ^4 = Blue // ^5 = Cyan // ^6 = pink/Magenta // ^7 = White // ^0 = Black //////////////////////////////////// // Server Information // // Server Browser Name set sv_hostname "" //This is the name that appears in the server browser // "Message of the Day" set g_motd "" // Keywords set sv_keywords "" //////////////////////////////////// // Passwords // // Server password (needed to get into the server) set g_password "" // blank means NO password // Private Client Slot Password set sv_privatePassword "" // Rconpassword set rcon_password "" // Change this to your rcon password! // Client's Min/Maximum Ping set sv_minPing "0" set sv_maxping "155" // Client's Maximum Rate set sv_maxRate "25000" // Client Voting set g_allowVote "0" set g_voteAbstainWeight "0.5" // Client Side Stuff //set sv_clientside "0" //set sv_clientArchive "1" //set sv_clientSideBullets "1" //set sv_clientSideVehicles "1" //set g_client_side_lights "1" // sv_pure - Keeps clients from loading files NOT on the server set sv_pure "1" // Disable Client access to console? set sv_disableClientConsole "0" //****************************************************************************** // Misc //****************************************************************************** set sv_allowAnonymous "0" set g_antilag "0" set g_compassShowEnemies "0" set scr_game_allowkillcam "0" //////////////////////////////////// // Server Personality Settings // // Automatic Team Balance set scr_teambalance "0" // In-Game Voice Chat set sv_voice "0" set voice_global "0" set g_voiceChatTalkingDuration "500" set voice_deadChat "0" set sv_voiceQuality "3" set voice_localEcho "0" // Dead players chat with the living? set g_deadChat "0" // Who dead people can spectate set scr_game_spectatetype "1" // Gravity set g_gravity "800" // Base Move Speed set g_speed "190" // Number of dropped weapons before recycling set g_maxDroppedWeapons "16" //////////////////////////////////// // Server General Gameplay Settings // // Hardcore set scr_hardcore "0" // OldSchool set scr_oldschool "0" // Friendly Fire? set scr_team_fftype "0" // Red Crosshairs while over enemy? Maybe? set g_redCrosshairs "1" // Draw Friends set scr_drawfriend "0" // Revive players? set scr_player_allowrevive "1" set g_revive "0" set revive_time_taken "2" // Announcer set scr_allowannouncer "1" //////////////////////////////////// // Player Settings // // Health Issues set scr_player_healthregentime "5" set scr_player_maxhealth "100" // Number of lives set scr_player_numlives "0" // Respawn Settings set scr_player_forcerespawn "1" set scr_player_respawndelay "0" set scr_player_suicidespawndelay "0" // Sprint Settings set scr_player_sprinttime "4" // Suicide point loss set scr_game_suicidepointloss "0" //////////////////////////////////// // Server Timers set scr_game_graceperiod "15" set scr_intermission_time "10" set scr_team_respawntime "0" //////////////////////////////////// // Gametype Settings // // KOTH set scr_koth_globalbattlechatterprobability "0" set scr_koth_numlives "0" set scr_koth_playerrespawndelay "0" set scr_koth_roundlimit "1" set scr_koth_roundswitch "1" set scr_koth_scorelimit "250" set scr_koth_timelimit "15" set scr_koth_waverespawndelay "0" set koth_autodestroytime "60" set koth_capturetime "20" set koth_delayPlayer "0" set koth_destroytime "10" set koth_kothmode "0" set koth_spawnDelay "60" set koth_spawntime "0" // CTF set scr_ctf_enemycarriervisible "0" set scr_ctf_flagrespawntime "0" set scr_ctf_globalbattlechatterprobability "0" set scr_ctf_idleflagreturntime "30" set scr_ctf_numlives "0" set scr_ctf_playerrespawndelay "0" set scr_ctf_roundlimit "2" set scr_ctf_roundswitch "1" set scr_ctf_scorelimit "3" set scr_ctf_timelimit "5" set scr_ctf_touchreturn "1" set scr_ctf_waverespawndelay "15" // DM set scr_dm_globalbattlechatterprobability "100" set scr_dm_numlives "0" set scr_dm_playerrespawndelay "0" set scr_dm_roundlimit "1" set scr_dm_scorelimit "150" set scr_dm_timelimit "10" set scr_dm_waverespawndelay "0" // DOM set scr_dom_globalbattlechatterprobability "0" set scr_dom_numlives "0" set scr_dom_playerrespawndelay "0" set scr_dom_roundlimit "1" set scr_dom_scorelimit "200" set scr_dom_timelimit "0" set scr_dom_waverespawndelay "0" // TWAR set scr_twar_globalbattlechatterprobability "0" set scr_twar_numlives "0" set scr_twar_roundlimit "2" set scr_twar_roundswitch "1" set scr_twar_scorelimit "5" set scr_twar_timelimit "10" set twar_captureAccelBonus "35" set twar_captureAccelLimit "50" set twar_captureTime "40" set twar_finalFightFlagRespawnPenalty "3" set twar_finalFightTimeLimit "5" set twar_momentumArtillery "10" set twar_momentumBlitzkriegTime "30" set twar_momentumDogs "10" set twar_momentumEnabled "1" set twar_momentumFlagCap "25" set twar_momentumKamikaze "10" set twar_momentumKillPlayer "5" set twar_momentumMax "70" set twar_momentumMaxMultiplier "3" set twar_momentumMultiplierBonus "25" set twar_momentumMultiplierBonusLimit "75" set twar_momentumRadar "10" set twar_neutralFlagLockTime "0" set twar_secondaryInfluencerBonus "0.5" set twar_showEnemyCount "1" set twar_spawnPointFacingAngle "60" // TDM set scr_tdm_globalbattlechatterprobability "0" set scr_tdm_numlives "0" set scr_tdm_playerrespawndelay "0" set scr_tdm_roundlimit "1" set scr_tdm_scorelimit "750" set scr_tdm_timelimit "10" set scr_tdm_waverespawndelay "0" // SD set scr_sd_bombtimer "45" set scr_sd_defusetime "5" set scr_sd_globalbattlechatterprobability "0" set scr_sd_multibomb "0" set scr_sd_numlives "1" set scr_sd_planttime "5" set scr_sd_playerrespawndelay "0" set scr_sd_roundlimit "0" set scr_sd_roundswitch "3" set scr_sd_scorelimit "4" set scr_sd_timelimit "2.5" set scr_sd_waverespawndelay "0" // SAB set scr_sab_bombtimer "30" set scr_sab_defusetime "5" set scr_sab_globalbattlechatterprobability "0" set scr_sab_hotpotato "0" set scr_sab_numlives "0" set scr_sab_planttime "2.5" set scr_sab_playerrespawndelay "7.5" set scr_sab_roundlimit "0" set scr_sab_roundswitch "1" set scr_sab_scorelimit "1" set scr_sab_timelimit "20" set scr_sab_waverespawndelay "0" //////////////////////////////////// // Weapons // set scr_weapon_allowbetty "1" set scr_weapon_allowc4 "1" set scr_weapon_allowflash "1" set scr_weapon_allowfrags "1" set scr_weapon_allowmines "1" set scr_weapon_allowrpgs "1" set scr_weapon_allowsatchel "1" set scr_weapon_allowsmoke "1" // Bouncing Bettty Settings set bettyDetonateRadius "150" set bettyTimeBeforeDetonate "0.45" set bettyUpVelocity "296" // Poison gas set poisonDuration "8" set tabun_effect_radius "150" set tabun_shock_radius "150" set tabunGasDuration "3" set tabunInitialGasShockDuration "7" set tabunWalkInGasShockDuration "4" //////////////////////////////////// // Perk & Hardpoint Settings // // Perk Settings set scr_game_perks "1" set perk_armorVest "75" set perk_bulletDamage "40" set perk_explosiveDamage "25" set perk_fireproof "55" set perk_flakJacket "75" set perk_flakJacketMaxDamage "75" set player_lastStandBleedoutTime "30" // Vehicle Perk Settings set vehicle_perk_boost_acceleration_multiplier "1.571" set vehicle_perk_boost_duration_seconds "0.74" set vehicle_perk_boost_interval_seconds "1.703" set vehicle_perk_boost_speed_increase "1.878" set vehicle_perk_leadfoot_speed_increase "1.35" // Hardpoint Settings // set scr_game_hardpoints "1" set scr_hardpoint_allowartillery "1" set scr_hardpoint_allowdogs "1" set scr_hardpoint_allowradar "1" set scr_hardpoint_allowsupply "1" set scr_hardpoint_allowuav "1" // Dog Settings set scr_dog_count "8" set scr_dog_hardpoint_interval "180" set scr_dog_health "100" set scr_dog_max_at_once "4" set scr_dog_time "60" //////////////////////////////////// // Vehicle Settings set scr_vehicles_enabled "1" set scr_veh_respawntimemax "90" set scr_veh_respawntimemin "50" set scr_veh_health_jeep "700" set scr_veh_health_tank "1350" set scr_veh_driversarehidden "1" set scr_veh_driversareinvulnerable "1" set scr_veh_explode_on_cleanup "1" set scr_veh_explosion_doradiusdamage "1" set scr_veh_explosion_maxdamage "200" set scr_veh_explosion_mindamage "20" set scr_veh_explosion_radius "256" set scr_veh_alive_cleanuptimemax "120" set scr_veh_alive_cleanuptimemin "119" set scr_veh_cleanupabandoned "1" set scr_veh_cleanupdrifted "1" set scr_veh_cleanupmaxspeedmph "1" set scr_veh_cleanupmindistancefeet "75" set scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfactor_deadtread "0.25" set scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfactor_max "1.0" set scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfactor_min "0.33" set scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfraction_curve_begin "0.0" set scr_veh_cleanuptime_dmgfraction_curve_end "1.0" set scr_veh_dead_cleanuptimemax "30" set scr_veh_dead_cleanuptimemin "20" set scr_veh_disappear_maxpreventdistancefeet "30" set scr_veh_disappear_maxpreventvisibilityfeet "150" set scr_veh_disappear_maxwaittime "60" set scr_veh_explosion_husk_forcepointvariance "30" set scr_veh_explosion_husk_horzvelocityvariance "25" set scr_veh_explosion_husk_vertvelocitymax "200" set scr_veh_explosion_husk_vertvelocitymin "100" set scr_veh_explosion_spawnfx "1" set scr_veh_ondeath_createhusk "1" set scr_veh_ondeath_usevehicleashusk "1" set scr_veh_respawnafterhuskcleanup "1" set scr_veh_respawnwait_iterationwaitseconds "1" set scr_veh_respawnwait_maxiterations "30" set scr_veh_waittillstoppedandmindist_maxtime "10" set scr_veh_waittillstoppedandmindist_maxtimeenabledistfeet "5" //////////////////////////////////// // Server Performance Issues // // Rate set rate "25000" // Antilag set g_antilag "1" // Smooth clients set g_smoothClients "1" // FPS (Server Frames per Second) -- I would leave this alone for now. MIGHT mess up gameplay if changed. set sv_fps "20" //////////////////////////////////// // Server Download/Redirect Settings // set sv_allowDownload "0" set sv_wwwBaseURL "" set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" set sv_wwwDownload "0" //////////////////////////////////// // Server Management/Admin // // Logging set g_log "games_mp.log" set g_logSync "1" set logfile "2" // Client IP Banning set g_banIPs "" // Kick Ban Time set sv_kickBanTime "300" // TKers set scr_teamKillPunishCount "3" set scr_team_artilleryTeamKillPenalty "0.25" set scr_team_kickteamkillers "0" set set scr_team_teamkillerplaylistbanpenalty "0" set scr_team_teamkillerplaylistbanquantum "0" set scr_team_teamkillpointloss "1" set scr_team_teamkillspawndelay "20" //////////////////////////////////// // Batttle Chatter Settings set scr_allowbattlechatter "1" set bcmp_incoming_grenade_probability "50" set bcmp_kill_inform_probability "50" set bcmp_killstreak_incoming_probability "50" set bcmp_perk_call_probability "50" set bcmp_sniper_kill_probability "25" set bcmp_toss_grenade_probability "50" set bcmp_weapon_delay "2000" set bcmp_weapon_fire_probability "90" //////////////////////////////////// // Fire set fire_audio_random_max_duration "1000" set fire_audio_repeat_duration "1500" set fire_spread_probability "0" set fire_stage1_burn_time "3000" set fire_stage2_burn_time "0" set fire_stage3_burn_time "0" set fire_world_damage "20" set fire_world_damage_duration "8" set fire_world_damage_rate "0.25" //////////////////////////////////// // Flares set flare_distance_scale "16" set flare_duration "8" set flare_effect_radius "400" set flareBurnOutFadeWait "0.65" set flareDisableEffects "0" set flareLookAwayFadeWait "0.45" ///// Map_rotation (available gametypes: dm, tdm, dom, sab, sd ctf, koth, twar) // // Capture the flag rotation set sv_mapRotation "gametype ctf map mp_airfield gametype ctf map mp_asylum gametype ctf map mp_castle gametype ctf map mp_courtyard gametype ctf map mp_dome gametype ctf map mp_downfall gametype ctf map mp_hangar gametype ctf map mp_makin gametype ctf map mp_outskirts gametype ctf map mp_roundhouse gametype ctf map mp_seelow gametype ctf map mp_shrine gametype ctf map mp_suburban" // Deathmatch (Free-for-all) rotation //set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_airfield gametype dm map mp_asylum gametype dm map mp_castle gametype dm map mp_courtyard gametype dm map mp_dome gametype dm map mp_downfall gametype dm map mp_hangar gametype dm map mp_makin gametype dm map mp_outskirts gametype dm map mp_roundhouse gametype dm map mp_seelow gametype dm map mp_shrine gametype dm map mp_suburban" // Team deathmatch rotation //set sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_airfield gametype tdm map mp_asylum gametype tdm map mp_castle gametype tdm map mp_courtyard gametype tdm map mp_dome gametype tdm map mp_downfall gametype tdm map mp_hangar gametype tdm map mp_makin gametype tdm map mp_outskirts gametype tdm map mp_roundhouse gametype tdm map mp_seelow gametype tdm map mp_shrine gametype tdm map mp_suburban" // Domination rotation //set sv_mapRotation "gametype dom map mp_airfield gametype dom map mp_asylum gametype dom map mp_castle gametype dom map mp_courtyard gametype dom map mp_dome gametype dom map mp_downfall gametype dom map mp_hangar gametype dom map mp_makin gametype dom map mp_outskirts gametype dom map mp_roundhouse gametype dom map mp_seelow gametype dom map mp_shrine gametype dom map mp_suburban" // Headquarters rotation //set sv_mapRotation "gametype koth map mp_airfield gametype koth map mp_asylum gametype koth map mp_castle gametype koth map mp_courtyard gametype koth map mp_dome gametype koth map mp_downfall gametype koth map mp_hangar gametype koth map mp_makin gametype koth map mp_outskirts gametype koth map mp_roundhouse gametype koth map mp_seelow gametype koth map mp_shrine gametype koth map mp_suburban" // Sabotage rotation //set sv_mapRotation "gametype sab map mp_airfield gametype sab map mp_asylum gametype sab map mp_castle gametype sab map mp_courtyard gametype sab map mp_dome gametype sab map mp_downfall gametype sab map mp_hangar gametype sab map mp_makin gametype sab map mp_outskirts gametype sab map mp_roundhouse gametype sab map mp_seelow gametype sab map mp_shrine gametype sab map mp_suburban" // Search and Destroy rotation //set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd ctf map mp_airfield gametype sd ctf map mp_asylum gametype sd ctf map mp_castle gametype sd ctf map mp_courtyard gametype sd ctf map mp_dome gametype sd ctf map mp_downfall gametype sd ctf map mp_hangar gametype sd ctf map mp_makin gametype sd ctf map mp_outskirts gametype sd ctf map mp_roundhouse gametype sd ctf map mp_seelow gametype sd ctf map mp_shrine gametype sd ctf map mp_suburban" // War rotation //set sv_mapRotation "gametype twar map mp_airfield gametype twar map mp_asylum gametype twar map mp_castle gametype twar map mp_courtyard gametype twar map mp_dome gametype twar map mp_downfall gametype twar map mp_hangar gametype twar map mp_makin gametype twar map mp_outskirts gametype twar map mp_roundhouse gametype twar map mp_seelow gametype twar map mp_shrine gametype twar map mp_suburban" set sv_maprotationcurrent ""
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