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  1. [PDE]PaulKersey

  2. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Happy Birthday DaB3aR! Best wishes for the grizzly hehe. Happy Birthday DaB3aR ! You hit 20. Thanks for being a great moderator and supporter. We hope your day goes well today. -From all of us here
  3. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Any screenshots, video, or anything? We aren't going to ban someone just like that or over a few insults.
  4. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Hello Mr Tbone. Welcome to the site. I understand you're in other clans, but you are free to rock the PDGA tag.
  5. [PDE]PaulKersey

    These aren't the only servers.
  6. [PDE]PaulKersey

    These things have to be thought about BEFORE you start using hacks anywhere. This is what you've chosen. http://www.pdelite.org/rules/server-rules/ Rule #1 means what it says.
  7. [PDE]PaulKersey

    BrycelsWhite is done. Thanks
  8. Unfortunately, even if that was possible, it still wouldn't be allowed on our servers due to the fact that macro/script/scroll/autofire hacks have the same speeds. I don't want to say this, but if you want to continue to roll with that, the best thing to do is find another server that doesn't mind. If they are ok with it there, make that server a favorite and you and Koala play there. We have to be fair to other players.
  9. How Mike Tyson Avenged Muhammad Ali
  10. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Happy Birthday Delta_Gamma! Happy Birthday Delta_Gamma Today seems like a good day to celebrate, ending on a weekend. Hope you enjoy your day and may you receive many gifts and surprises!
  11. [PDE]PaulKersey

  12. [PDE]PaulKersey

    You will get another chance, but we better not see any of those things or you bringing people that are on that. Unbanned on Server #2
  13. [PDE]PaulKersey

    ... PDE definitely ISN'T the only server running, but I'm sure other servers wouldn't have that type of stuff either. Done.
  14. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Top 10 WORST Games of 2018!
  15. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Unbanned. You're welcome to play on Server 2 since it's different time zones and there are players there at the moment. Btw, if you check the rules and scroll down to the very end, it explains a bit more of why it may seem weird.
  16. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Not to argue, but 'permban' people that cheat, no tempbans. Here -
  17. [PDE]PaulKersey

    It's been a long time, but this had definitely been one of his biggest problems. He was banned lots of years ago, but that brings things back into view. He has also done some other things that definitely shut this case down completely.
  18. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Knowing our rules (or the rule of any server that goes without saying), once you use a hack, you're banned and that's it. That's just something you don't try. There's no asking for an unban from cheating. There's a list of great servers. I don't see the problem with them. There's a couple of them that are similar to ours and one even has new maps. I wish we could try a server with new maps again, but this time probably wouldn't be good for us.
  19. [PDE]PaulKersey C4S TDM | Fair Admins | BEST MAPS | That's the best server that is specifically made for you. Usually, guys you know play there, but no one's keeping the population constant yet. From time to time, they are all on there packing that server. *|S.O.S|*SnipersOnlySnipers - Full of players right now. I'm trying to help you. We just have no time to deal with that stuff here.
  20. [PDE]PaulKersey

    I don't think the communication here was good and maybe could have been prevented. While you wait on the response, check rule9 here: http://www.pdelite.org/rules/server-rules/
  21. [PDE]PaulKersey

    I'm referring to years ago, not what you're talking about in your appeal bro.
  22. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Sir, you were banned years ago and made many attempts to rejoin. There are some servers out there you probably haven't hacked on yet. So, take advantage of the opportunity to stay clean from this point. Good luck.
  23. [PDE]PaulKersey

    The Four Chords That Killed POP Music! I thought it was just me who thought that and I started to ask someone that listens to a lot of music. I was watching a comedy show when one of the comedians mentioned this and that there was a video on it. It also reminded me of a highly popular song in California 1995, called Run Away by Real McCoy and it was a song you couldn't get out of your head. This is probably one of the reasons why lol
  24. The PROBLEM With The Foldable Phone
  25. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Thanks a lot. Done.