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  1. Borderlands 3 VS Borderlands 2 Remastered PHYSX: Which Is Better? (PDG Channel)
  2. [PDE]PaulKersey

    I'm going to close this topic as it appears they have been autobanned by anti-cheat on both servers (probably why they went from one to the other). For future reference, start with that link properly.
  3. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Use this link to create a Ban Request and also, provide any proof, demo, or video http://www.pdelite.org/topic/26-ban-request-template-use-this-to-create-ban-request/
  4. [PDE]PaulKersey

    I don't think trolling will help your cause. You have another account which you've played under on Server #2 briefly. If you don't want to post it, that's fine, but I'm sure you remember it from the time you were banned.
  5. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Also, thanks to you for helping to keep it alive.
  6. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Reopened. There are some things happening that is causing this to be valid. Will look into this soon.
  7. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Permbanned on both servers. Thanks.
  8. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Getting the timing wrong? That's what warnings are for - to stop. If you're constantly getting warnings and you keep going, you asked for it. Also, you won't just get warnings and autobans unless you've been saying some extreme stuff or being repetitive.
  9. [PDE]PaulKersey

    Could this apply to you? http://www.pdelite.org/topic/1956-notice-for-non-legit-users-before-making-a-ban-appeal/
  10. PDG - Will New Modern Warfare Cause COD To Be The Same Every Year? 2 Year Development Cycle? (MW Gameplay)
  11. [PDE]PaulKersey

    What is this? Trolling? One of those servers is up 24/7 with players. It's never empty. Get all of your stuff off there. I don't think they would mind.
  12. Just A Reminder On Servers Online Just a reminder that there's a grace period for servers being online, but in a few days, there's a chance servers will automatically go down as donations have been getting low for a while.
  13. [PDE]PaulKersey
  14. [PDE]PaulKersey

    If you mean in Device Theme in Display settings, mine was still default. It's probably because that particular setting was just being worked on then compared to Android 10. I've only seen a change in one area of Android with that setting, but doing it this way made sure IG is completely dark all the time.
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