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  1. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Looks good but im looking at this
  2. [PDE]ZukoFire

    I use Google Chrome can multitask a lot up to 100+ tabs but not really needed xD I use Internet explorer sometimes too to download or play FB Games since chrome dont have adobe flash player Microsoft Edge Firefox for school stuff Puffin on Phone
  3. [PDE]ZukoFire

    I like floor better I mean I used to have old table and chair once, but due to how small Singapore house is per 100k we had to throw it, I use Aftershock custom case simlar to lian li. I believe u can find cheap House on US. Not in Singapore tho a car cost 100k+ not include services and more. I believe this house Is 420k
  4. [PDE]ZukoFire

  5. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Motherboard: Formerly Asrock Z370 Extreme 4, changed to Asus Z390 Maximus XI Hero CPU: I7 8700k (only capable of going 4.9 ghz sillicon lottery but i stick to 4.7 ghz all cores) CPU Cooler: Aftershock Glacier 120mm AIO Cooler GPU/GPU Cooler: Zotac Gtx 1080 ti + G12 92mm fan VRM cooler + NZXT X72 360mm AIO Cooler (Capable of going 2000 mhz+ on cores easily) Ram: Klevv Cras RGB 16 gb DDR4 3200 Mhz Ram Storage 1: 256 GBAftershock M.2 SSD Storage 2: 2TB HDD 7200 RPM Storage 3: Samsung Evo 860 SSD 1 TB (Rapid mode on) Storage 4: 2TB Thumbdrive Chassis Fan: NZXT P120mm x3 Intake/Aftershock RGB fan x4 120mm exhaust ( Will put more fans soon ) Power Supply: 600 Watts Gaming Mouse: Razer viper 800 DPI 1000hz Gaming MouseMat: Fomerly Razer DeathAdder Elite/Razer FireFly Hard Edition Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K70 LUX RGB Brown Switch Gaming Monitor: Asus 258Q 240 Hz 1ms Grey to Grey Gaming Headphones: Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Drawing Tablet: Wacom CTL 4100 Potato Chair ( will get proper soon ) Potato Table ( will get proper soon ) Extreme cooling Vaccum: Vaccum 2000 watts on pc Air con: Aircon on pc Big Standard Fan: BIG AIRFLOW on pc TV: 4k TV Network setup Asus RT 5300 CAT 6 Cable 1 GBPS network Registry optimized for gaming And here is how my g12 is done( My first pc build literally lol)
  6. [PDE]ZukoFire

    My goal is 250-300 now 45 killstreak
  7. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Can't get my mom recipe, house is doing repaint quite nice but things are a bit random. So I edit a bit For briyani rice Ingredients 250 g basmati rice 2 liters boiling water 20 g salt Instructions 1. Soak the basmati rice in water for 45 minutes. Drained. 2. Bring the water to a boil. Add some salt. 3. Add the basmati rice. 4. Cook over medium to high heat for three minutes. Keep stirring. 5. Remove the rice when the rice grain can be broken into 2-3 parts 6. Drained. Fried chicken Chicken turmeric powder Some salt Kari chicken Some instant Kari pack is not bad too but adding white onion, ginger, garlic and red onion will Enhance their flavour
  8. [PDE]ZukoFire

    I got my mom recipe book I can check later when I go back
  9. [PDE]ZukoFire

    I got my hands one time on razer phone 2 and try cod mobile feels smooth, I like the 240hz sensing touchscreen and also 120hz is too damn good but most games run 60 fps but it's good enough for me at phones for gaming. Normally phones with low specs runs about 30-40 fps with crappy response time and input lag :D. I agree with that Asus rog phone 2 is really the phone we need especially the air triggers 2 xd
  10. https://www.neowin.net/amp/gta-iv-is-returning-to-steam-with-free-complete-edition-upgrades-for-all-owners/ https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2020/2/19/21143674/gta-4-return-to-steam-march-2020-multiplayer-support https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-02-19-rockstar-sacrifices-grand-theft-auto-4-multiplayer-to-solve-steam-woes But anyway most people should have episode of liberty city Multiplayer support will be strip off because windows games to live is outdated but it works great back than. Sad to see game multiplayer die. Enjoy while you can
  11. [PDE]ZukoFire

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/thenextweb.com/plugged/2020/02/18/samsung-galaxy-z-flip-razr-breaking/amp/ Also like to share that my s7 edge just die randomly reboot after 3 years Also 2 other Samsung phone have yellowish screen it's note 9 btw. I'd say Samsung ssd is better but Samsung phone is meh. I prefer Asus for phone, no issue, smooth even low end.
  12. [PDE]ZukoFire

    This is called nasi briyani, it is best to mix with curry. This is very common food in marriage. There are normally three type of variant fried chicken, curry chicken or meat.
  13. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Some calbee hot and spicy and Oreo oh and don't forget some milks
  14. This is called nasi ayam merah translation to English is is rice red chicken but we usually called it ayam merah. And with chicken cutlet, fish fillet and nugget. It is not too spicy but for those not too strong in spicy it is quite. It's very common in marriage. F&N grape
  15. [PDE]ZukoFire

    I don't know what this post is about to be frank. It's getting random so I'm gonna locked. It does not make sense to me. An advice if you think you kill yourself solve the problem, you are wrong. That's what weak people do. Think positively, why listen negative things. You got brain and it's for you to think. Don't give up and Be strong ur a man right, think more about your family, what would they do and think if ur dead.

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