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  1. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Good to have you back. I need someone strong player to fight with too.
  2. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Rule #1: Hacking Or Cheating = Permanent Ban Thanks
  3. [PDE]ZukoFire

    So this application is rejected im sure you know why. Locked.
  4. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Gameplay
  5. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Hey there Vedapali, welcome to PDE/PDG/PDI community and servers. I don't know about you much but I can train you to be a better player cod if you need approach me. The rest is just to be active, talk to some members, mostly available on discord but some still playing waw, catch some cheater/hacker/abuser. Not much requirement. Good luck the application won't normally be instantly accepted but if you work smart enough than you can make it.
  6. [PDE]ZukoFire

    All modes, does hardcore also counted?
  7. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Cod4 server is no longer available, but for the ban you will have to wait for some other admin he will respond here when he will be online. He is away atm. Great job for the video. Thanks
  8. [PDE]ZukoFire

    No, automatic ban is unnormal which means u broke a rule and it triggers. Lets see what the other admins can do. Can show video which account and connect to s2 so we know more
  9. [PDE]ZukoFire

    This is old game it is not about steam ID, Codwaw online profile whichever account you create the one you get banned is that. Anyway if you can't remember, we can't help you. We need "Details".
  10. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Its server 1, You have not been banned, What exactly did you do to make yourself automatically banned?
  11. [PDE]ZukoFire

  12. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Your ban will last 19 hours and expired I don't know what you did but its up to the other admins to unban you or wait the ban expired
  13. [PDE]ZukoFire

    God gun in Cod Mobile Battle Royale
  14. [PDE]ZukoFire

    loool 3 boxes straight row
  15. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Battle Royale Gameplay
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