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  1. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Good application but you have to play more. Try to talk more to the PDE/PDG/PDGA members, catch rule breaker by demo or doing high kills might impress them. Good luck
  2. [PDE]ZukoFire

    AXIOM VERGE https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/axiom-verge/home
  3. [PDE]ZukoFire

    TROPICO 4 https://www.gamesessions.com/zz/Game/Tropico4
  4. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Happy 20 birthday DaB3aR
  5. [PDE]ZukoFire

    After sometime discussing with other admins, i will unban you because you are normal player, Im giving you another chance. Unbanned. Feel free to play PDE servers
  6. [PDE]ZukoFire

    It was a good choice for this changes. There is no need to ban this anymore. Ban tabun gas woudnt be fun anymore. This is good idea
  7. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Kholat https://store.steampowered.com/app/343710/Kholat/
  8. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China https://store.ubi.com/sea/sea_2019lny_freegiveaway?lang=en_SG
  9. [PDE]ZukoFire

  10. [PDE]ZukoFire

  11. [PDE]ZukoFire

    /record name /stoprecord /demo name These are the 3 commands you are looking for . Btw the name should be replace with the current player name you spec When you are recording you must be in spectator mode and spec the character you want to. If you have any question free feel to ask
  12. [PDE]ZukoFire

    i recommend getting 1920x1080p 144 hz monitor .g-sync is optional. As for graphics card you can have 3 options, gtx 1050, 1050 ti or 1060 depending on which is good deal to you. If you play modern games, 1060 is a ok choice for 1080p. If you dont play much modern games i would say 1050 ti is better
  13. [PDE]ZukoFire

    What kind of games do you play?, What resolution are you at?, what price do you target?. Also i recommend getting first hand card because its better since its new, it can last longer and has not much issue. Also there is warranty
  14. [PDE]ZukoFire

    Endless space collection https://www.games2gether.com/profile/me/rewards
  15. [PDE]ZukoFire

    You dont have to post here anymore, You are now moderator, you have rights to private area, thats where you can post. Good job getting demo but i already settled it.