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Everything posted by [PDE]Scrinn

  1. [PDE]Scrinn

    Done thank you!
  2. [PDE]Scrinn

    Done, thank you for helping keep our servers clean
  3. [PDE]Scrinn

    Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one @DaB3aR!
  4. [PDE]Scrinn

    Also use the template.
  5. [PDE]Scrinn

    Too consistent, screams macro to me
  6. [PDE]Scrinn

  7. [PDE]Scrinn

    Can't just share one song so here is a play list lol
  8. [PDE]Scrinn

    I'm not the one who made the ban so it's not my say, but I don't think we should ban someone for team switching, it's not really in the rules, and second like what was said, when I played, I went into spectate to go to the bathroom or get food and such and hit auto select and almost always puts me on the winning team. And camping again it's annoying but there is no rule against it or we would have to ban like 70% of the EU server.
  9. [PDE]Scrinn

    Congrats man
  10. [PDE]Scrinn

    The RTX series is a gimmick atm to make the ludicrous price of the RTX series acceptable, they should have released the RTX series later when it's better developed because it's launch was a mess or release GTX cards with the performance of the RTX cards when they are using ray tracing along side the cards they released.
  11. [PDE]Scrinn

    It's a lowlife troll. My account is https://www.twitch.tv/the_scrinn and embahh is https://www.twitch.tv/embahhh He's good
  12. [PDE]Scrinn

    Perm banned on server 1, currently unable to on server 2 if another admin could see if they've been there
  13. If you can't abide by our rules just play somewhere else
  14. [PDE]Scrinn

    Surprised that your up speed isnt the same as your down seeing that its fiber
  15. [PDE]Scrinn

    It's difficult to give an opinion on an application that has little to no effort put into it. Would you give similar effort into the clan? Because PDGA/PDE is much more than just a tag to wear in game or showing off in game skill.
  16. [PDE]Scrinn

    Watched dr disrespect play it and it looked very meh
  17. I know you can use Wallpaper Engine and set an animated wallpaper for just that screen. But as for a screensaver, as far as I know windows and software based screensavers go away once any activity is seen on the PC
  18. [PDE]Scrinn

    I guess you were talking about alot of the customization is cringe worthy. I don't mind it. I like knowing that there are going to be weekly and daily challenges to keep players active and that weapons and classes have "skill" trees of sorts. And before seeing this trailer and a few other gameplay videos, I was kinda worried about the new squad system and fortification and stuff like that. But it looks like it will be pretty decent
  19. [PDE]Scrinn

    Nice! I actually need to change out my coolant and my tubing, just super tight on money lol.
  20. [PDE]Scrinn

    Welcome back my guy! How was boot camp?
  21. [PDE]Scrinn

    Don't know if you mean regular 1050 or TI but could do alot with of other system components, got a few friends with a 1050ti who run bo3 on medium to high getting 60 to 70 fps. But the frostbite engine is usually much more optimized compared to several console ports to PC like CoD Also @[PDE]ZukoFire somebody seriously benchmarked fortnite, a potato can run that game
  22. [PDE]Scrinn

    Being someone who runs games on ultra all the time low settings are a no go for me lol
  23. [PDE]Scrinn

    Integrated Steam into the forums to user profiles and you will be able to login via steam once steam is attached to your profile which can be done via account settings.
  24. [PDE]Scrinn

    Updated forums to the latest version Updated themes to work with latest forum version Updated steam integration Updated and fixed twitch streams