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Everything posted by [PDE]Scrinn

  1. [PDE]Scrinn

    Thank you for the donation! I've given your in-game benefits. Once PDE 1 is back up I'll make sure they are there too
  2. [PDE]Scrinn

    It depends on the location lol, houses where I live go from 500k$ to 1M$ I live right outside DC though, which is why everything is expensive
  3. [PDE]Scrinn

    My only gripe with this browser even though I switched it's primary search to google the new tab page bar still does bing, but the top bar for the url if you search something there is does google. But this is my task manager with 6 tabs open
  4. [PDE]Scrinn

    What browsers do you use? I recently stopped using chrome and started using Edge Dev which uses chromium but doesn't use nearly as much RAM and I like how it looks a little better too
  5. [PDE]Scrinn

    I've always had issues with ASRock mobos. Maybe I missed it but what case is that?
  6. [PDE]Scrinn

    Should be unbanned if not, it should expire in 8.5ish hours. Not really sure what was seen as offensive when it comes to your name
  7. [PDE]Scrinn

    Created that profile to play with loadouts I don't normally use. Been loving the BAR and the FG42
  8. [PDE]Scrinn

    Never it's a pile of hot garbage
  9. [PDE]Scrinn

    Having fun with the BAR @Simmy
  10. [PDE]Scrinn

    Unbanned This is your last chance and you will be heavily watched. You can pick them up but if you fast fire with them you know what it will result to. Same with pistols but you can use them freely but abusing their uncapped speeds will also result in a ban.
  11. [PDE]Scrinn

    I'll take a look at this once I get home, I've already banned 21xo a few days ago for reload canceling
  12. [PDE]Scrinn

    I'll have to try this next time I have my kiddo
  13. [PDE]Scrinn

    I love my ROG Phone 2. It's a big brain phone
  14. [PDE]Scrinn

    Every time I see this I get really hungry. I need to get the recipe
  15. [PDE]Scrinn

    Oh man, that and Pop tarts and dominos cheesy bread, atleast when you are at my house
  16. [PDE]Scrinn

    He's been a mod for years. But you were banned for 25 hours for offensive language.
  17. [PDE]Scrinn

    I remember building that beast and how much of a pain those RGB fans are
  18. [PDE]Scrinn

    Mines an absolute mess, but it's my baby
  19. [PDE]Scrinn

    I love PDG 2 on late nights lmfao the chat is unreal
  20. [PDE]Scrinn

    Due to lack of topic starter's forum activity and lack of activity on topic for more than 30 days thread is locked.
  21. [PDE]Scrinn

    New images added to the main topic
  22. [PDE]Scrinn

    Ive edited the text color to fix that. I'll put new samples up today
  23. [PDE]Scrinn

    I'mma just live in a sterile bubble
  24. [PDE]Scrinn

    Yeah, I'm really in love with it. Hope it gets voted in with the poll lol so far so good

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