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  1. [PDE]Scrinn

  2. [PDE]Scrinn

    I can probably do that, I just need some other information for me to make it
  3. [PDE]Scrinn

    Test Post Testing new plugin
  4. [PDE]Scrinn

    I would but I'm tight on money
  5. [PDE]Scrinn

    I donated a few hours ago
  6. [PDE]Scrinn

    Added previous rank icons due to new ones being broken. (my windows got corrupted a few weeks ago and I lost the new ones so I couldn't put them back) Added group mention for high staff to use. Added a party finder forum for players to connect with each and play games with each other! http://www.pdelite.org/forum/57-party-finder/
  7. [PDE]Scrinn

    It just means that's it's not a force hosted hacked lobby like on console which is peer to peer where as PC your are connecting to an actual server and have nothing to do with another client platform.
  8. [PDE]Scrinn

    You have to re-upload your profile picture as does everyone else. Latest forum update changed how they are handled so ever who had one is now a broken handle till they re-upload it
  9. [PDE]Scrinn

    Fixed front page sign up button. Users no longer need to go to another page to sign up.
  10. [PDE]Scrinn

    Don't create multiple appeals this close together.
  11. [PDE]Scrinn

    Remove the monetary symbol and it would be good
  12. [PDE]Scrinn

    Oh god I get asked this so much 😭
  13. I'll have to get more footage because we were ass that match lol
  14. [PDE]Scrinn

  15. [PDE]Scrinn

    I'm the one that banned you, we don't tolerate any type of reload cancel once the ammo is registered as in the gun and then proceed to cancel the rest of the animation. But you do understand the rest of the glitch shooting rule. I'll give you another chance and unban you after I finish making my son breakfast and have access to my pc
  16. [PDE]Scrinn

    After watching your video you are abusing reload cancel. Stopping the reload animation after the game updated that the fresh ammo is there. Trying to get clips or not, it is not tolerated on PDE servers
  17. [PDE]Scrinn

    From the looks, They are trying to mass expand the borderlands universe by having several different plants to go to. So story potential is kinda there?
  18. When you break your config
  19. [PDE]Scrinn

    Why not use our own gameplay instead of others?
  20. [PDE]Scrinn

    Detroit Become Human is coming to the Epic Store too
  21. [PDE]Scrinn

    Didn't even know this game existed. Epic Games store is like a cancer imo
  22. [PDE]Scrinn

    I personally see this as a gimmick and not really gonna kick off. I don't really see it as ground breaking except for the tech in a new LG or Samsung ( can't remember which) TV that can roll into itself basically.
  23. I've had a few players come to me about it. I'm down tbh, would make Dome alot less cancer
  24. [PDE]Scrinn

    I was invited to it. But man I hate phone gaming.
  25. I heard it was only 1080 TIs getting it and only founder edition cards. They don't have the architecture for it so no idea what they are doing. Guess it could be a way for people to actually see what they are "missing" and push for the upgrade
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