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    FedaykinLou Application Good day! Name: LucasIn-game Name: FedaykinLouCountry: CanadaCity: TorontoAge: 30Do You Have Any Other Games?: Yes, I play Cod WaW the most (981hrs at time of this post, of that 730.13hrs on PDG #2 Server). I also play: Cod Advanced Warfare, Cod Ghosts, Mortal Kombat X, Helldivers, Halo Master Chief Collection, Doom, Chivalry, Hitman Absolution, Aliens vs Predator, Magicka, Day of Defeat, Tiberian Sun, Command and Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath and any of the Age of Empire games. How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: I have been playing on the PDE Servers for about 3 years now, mainly Server #2 What are you good at? Any game skills? I like strategy games (Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Age of Empires back in the day) as well as FPS. Introduce Yourself: Hi, some of you have probably seen me on Cod Waw PDE Server #2. i speak only English but am learning German and Hungarian. I am a huge DUNE fan, can't wait for the new movie. I am also a huge fan of Vikings, I have met some of the cast, own a replica axe and norse sword from the show and won a fan contest to be part of a promo video for the final season, airing now on tv (the promo is on youtube). I am a big movie buff, own quite a few and seen many, as well as stay up to date with news and announcements for all new ones coming. What do you think about PDG?: First off I love the WaW servers, great, friendly, fun. Amazing job to all involved with running, maintaining and monitoring the servers. I have donated once already to help do my part in supporting servers that I love and play quite frequently. I plan on donating again soon. The community seems really friendly and very approachable, offering assistance when asked. Thank you for the opportunity and consideration. Skol!
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    I am going to dump pretty much all the emotes I use in my discord that I would love to use on here. I would much rather use these than the lame default emotes. 1. The Shocked Cat Emote - Good for using when someone says something "shocking". https://imgur.com/LJnnwbb 2. Shocked Pikachu Emote - Another shocked emote I like. Nice to have variety in emotes that express the same things. https://imgur.com/YtnyIrr 3. KEKW/Laughing Emote - My personal favorite emote to use for "funny stuff" https://imgur.com/jo70AdU 4. Thinking Emote - A better/more memey version of a thinking emote https://imgur.com/29qSIBw 5. The Wut Meme Emote - One of my favorite emotes. Great for when someone says something stupid or something that doesn't make sense. https://imgur.com/AFS0upb 6. Fat Cat Emote - Who doesn't love a cute fat cat? https://imgur.com/BD69O3i 7. GG! - Does this one really need an explanation? https://imgur.com/L69Oyg0 8. Stoned Kirby Emote - Juss blaze homie. Pop a squat and roll one up dawg https://imgur.com/KMfCtQO 9. Salt Emote - Great for using when man babies are crying those salty tears in chat. https://imgur.com/PPH3R2g 10. Cringe/HaHAA Emote - There is not a better emote to use for cringe worthy comments people make. https://imgur.com/mspvXOm 11. Angry Spongebob Emote - No, this is Patrick https://imgur.com/yXIwCUS 12. Sad Cat Emote - How can something be so cute and so heartbreaking at the same time? https://imgur.com/HrM18AN 13. The F Emote - The famous F Meme that we have Call of Duty to thank for. https://imgur.com/r7c0nKk 14. The Awkwarrd Seal Emote - Awkward https://imgur.com/a/sALVD5Q The rest of the emotes I am going to list are Pepe emotes/FeelsBlankMan emotes that I would much rather use than the boring default ones. 1. FeelsBadMan - Sad Emoji https://imgur.com/6B0mToO 2. FeelsSadMan - Sadder Emoji https://imgur.com/m1AIODm 3. Pepe Hands - Saddest Emoji https://imgur.com/ZTDvNP2 4. FeelsThinkingMan - Thinking Emoji https://imgur.com/Omb1H65 5. FeelsHilariousMan - Funny Emoji https://imgur.com/Va4oV3d 6. FeelsWorriedMan - Worried Emoji https://imgur.com/AiW8kSi 7. FeelsAngryMan - Angry Emoji https://imgur.com/paV2ZYK 8. REE Emoji - Angriest Emoji https://imgur.com/FjECICQ 9. FeelsWeirdMan - Awkward/Weird Emoji https://imgur.com/SKyGEv1 10. FeelsStrongMan - I am not crying, you are crying emoji https://imgur.com/KmePEi0 11. FeelsOkayMan - Happy Emoji https://imgur.com/02NdIYb 12. FeelsGoodMan - Happier Emoji https://imgur.com/bTdKUc4 13. FeelsGreatMan - Even Happier Emoji https://imgur.com/AzldiTc 14. FeelsAmazingMan - The absolute happiest emoji https://imgur.com/qwnIuu9 15. FeelsExcitedMan - Excited Emoji https://imgur.com/a/1l8BLi6
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    https://imgur.com/4yUKqDi First one done will do more eventually Second https://imgur.com/a/pSX1XJ3
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