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How To Detect Cheats In Call Of Duty
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This Is Known As 'Aimbot'. 99% of all common aimbots are instantaneously, meaning they move from target to target with no inbetween frames on how it got to the next player.

When you are spectating this type, it will seem like the screen is flashing from one player to the next. Most typical aimbots will rack up headshot streaks as they only snap directly to the head.

This Here Is The Common 'Wallhack' or 'wh'. Lots of wallhackers today try to act as if they are playing normal, but they always slip up. Spectating this type won't show you the rectangular boxes they see or the colored silhouettes of the players, but you can still tell usually by where they shoot, how accurate they were, and by pressing the 'esc' key on the keyboard to give you their full radar and to see if recon plane/UAV has been used.

This Is a 'No Recoil' Hack. A lot of guns on CoDWaW and newer games have very low recoil so sometimes, if you suspect this hack and are not fully sure, you may need to make a test class with the gun to check. Most of the time, it's pretty obvious, especially if it's like the one in the video above where the gun has zero movement at all.

Multihacks are usually a combination of all of these. There are more advanced hacks out there, but they are usually based on these above and a good eye will always catch them.

This feature was made to educate members and future admin on what to look for when calling out cheaters. Remember the names of these hacks and don't just yell out anything. That makes a bad admin. Always have proof. Find out what the '/record and /stoprecord' feature does in game. Note that these are not all of the hacks, just the most commonly used ones.
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