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Alternative And Independent Media Sources Online
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Some of us make the mistake of not seeking alternative and independent sources of media. Also, if you've been only listening to the left, try listening to some Conservatives and Independents sometimes. Hear everyone, not just what TV media (MSM) tries to tell us what to think. Have an open mind and you'll find what we've been saying is what they've been on and they have the info to back it up. We all feel the same way, maybe not on all topics, but most I guarantee you. If you listen long enough, you'll definitely see why they want to censor people from social media, YT, and other platforms.

After what's been happening the last two years, you can easily see the difference between red and blue states. Look at California and New York. They've turned into the worse states to live in right now compared to (red) states like Texas and Florida. Look what's going on in those states against the people. Everything TV news tells us is flipped/reversed and you'll find out what's real when you check out some of the things below. There's a lot we're not being told. It's not all 'race', but that's how they try to keep us.

Shoutouts to ZoWhat and Corey Holcomb. What Corey said a couple of shows back was exactly right when he was talking about TV vs Online media and sources and then, what Zo came with on the next show about the red and blue states and also, how we were aligned is on point. That's just the tip of it.

The News And Why It Matters (
Pat Gray Unleashed
The Steve Gruber Show
Stu Does America
Live From Studio 6B (news and sports)
Real America w/ Dan Ball

A bit more deep:
Glenn Beck Radio (
Steve Deace Show

YT Channels:
The Hill (
Forbes Breaking News (
Breaking Points (

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