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I Can't connect
« on: December 11, 2021, 07:00:50 PM »


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So I tried connecting to PDG #1 on WaW and It said that it was only available to people with low ping (I know its in France and I'm from the US) but PDG #2 had stopped working and now I know you just upgraded the hardware I am a little mad that
the PDG #2 server is not viewable on the main WaW server list so only a few people are playing on it, AND I can't connect to the most populous server in the game!

20211211105253_1.jpg is the image of what happens when I connect to PDG #1
20211211105738_1.jpg is the player count on PDG #2 (I HAD TO USE /CONNECT WHICH NO ONE WANTS TO DO EVERY TIME THEY CONNECT TO A SERVER)

P.S. the second image was too large! The player count was 4! including me!
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Re: I Can't connect
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It shows up in the main server list for me. Make sure to add it to your favorites list so you will always have it.
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