Author Topic: Camelbamel aka PureBoggers aka BiblioStack  (Read 303 times)

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Camelbamel aka PureBoggers aka BiblioStack
« on: July 23, 2021, 05:47:01 PM »


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Your In-Game Name: RotInPeace

Cheaters In-Game Name: several nicks. At the time of recording: Camelbamel, but now he's using nick Pureboggers. Before that Bibliostack.

Which Server (Server 1 Or 2): Both

Reason for request: Wallhack + probably some sort of aimbot or auto-trigger or such. (Watch his shots at 0.25 speed. The aim is not always perfectly accurate and when the xhair is off the target, just before shots you'll see the xhair making very fast "corrections". This looks like aimbot)


I have also a little feeling that he's Somisa. When I said to Pureboggers that he's Somisa he said "He's my friend". That's kinda fishy. I would rather expect "I don't know him" or such. They both have same ping, around 140. But that's just a feeling. I have tried to get more videos of him but he keeps logging out. That's fishy too.
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Re: Camelbamel aka PureBoggers aka BiblioStack
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we banned him at UCS recently too


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