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Hi all,
          DIRTY HARRY here, as you can see i  keep getting kicked as soon as i join server. I join server, pick team or auto assign, pick custom class or default class and within seconds i get kicked ?

      No apparent reason or screen message. My in game name is D_Harry1, i don't believe it's offensive ? i played on PDE server's many moons a go and have some recollection of a similar thing happening then, but i had enough time to chat on screen before i was kicked.

              I have tried pretty much everything, googling & Youtube the issue, This is a brand new copy of the game purchased through Steam as a digital copy. So auto updated to latest version. Playing from 0 rank onward,  i have a low ping & tried launching with or without Mods.  I have seen post about rifle grenades but i do not use them. I have been on PDG servers 1 & 2 with the same result. The weird thing is i joinned PDG server 3, i believe is free for all ? with no issues but some player called PissMonkey floating about in the air Gravity thing ?

  Any help or explination would be great, hope to here from you soon, Thx  P.S ( Cod WAW Game )

  P.P.S,   also tried different profile, Still no good. :(
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Re: kicked.
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You should be able to connect now.
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Re: kicked.
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 Thanks PDG, yes your right  :). Not sure what the issue was? connected last night Sunday 21st with no problem.

      Jobs a good'n.   Thanks again.


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