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Not sure if banned or not
« on: March 18, 2021, 03:58:09 AM »


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Hi, so I recently loaded up WaW to try out online again after a few months away from it. However, upon trying to join PDG #1 I get instantly kicked every time. I tried another profile and also tried joining server 2 and nothing seemed to work. I figured that I was banned but couldn't think of any reason that I would actually be banned. I don't recall doing anything ban-worthy and would just like to know if I am, or if it's some other error as I was pretty confused by it.

Obviously, the server is very popular and I've had good fun on it in the past and would much like to be able to play it again. Sorry for any inconvenience if it's something I'm unaware of, I remember possibly talking a little bit of trash in the chat, pretty sure it wasn't anything serious though. Thanks if anyone is able to help me.

My name in-game that I used is just "BigPogger", unsure if I have to provide any other information but let me know if I do, thank you.