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since weapon editing is a little more complicated i have come to create a list of possible proposals to perk changes/tweaks
the change proposal list is as follow's: (REMEMBER THIS IS SIMPLY A PROPOSAL to make the game a bit more enjoyable for everyone on the server)

1st perks:

Special X3:Unchanged
Satchel charges X2:Unchanged
M9A1 Bazooka X2: since the bazooka has some issues with accuracy fairly often especially over a medium range,they're meant to take out vehicles if possible change to X3 on vehicle maps to allow anti-tank squads a slightly better chance at destroying enemies in tanks and remain X2 on infantry only maps.
Bomb Squad: Unchanged
Bouncing Betty X2: Unchanged
Primary Grenades X2: Possible changes,increase to X3 on vehicle maps,although i wouldn't find this necessary given the changes to the Bazooka X2 changes.
Bandolier: Ability to carry yet an additional mag for primary and secondary weapons ontop of it's current increase
M2 Flamethrower: unfortunately for many reading this...unchanged as changes would need to be made to the M2 Flamethrower itself and this is more complicated but if any were possible increased time taken to cooldown after overheating...

2nd slot perks:
Stopping power:possible increase to 42.5% or 45%,may require testing and adjusting if deemed so (base bullet damage increase for stopping power is listed as 40%)
NOTE:will finish in the coming days,will be edited

alright i was just familiar with weapons editors used by the modding community more often for zombies but function for MP as well, as for perks yes i'm aware than can be adjusted much more simply often by multipliers,in that case i'll build a perk change list in this same post with an additional post

please keep in mind this is simply a proposal...I also understand this would potentially be a bit challenging at that, and  I'm 99% sure it is possible to do, call it dumb if you want that's fine and I'm not aiming or trying to shift the idea to a 'realism' server but these changes would certainly make things more...interesting and maybe provide some different play aside from what's considered 'meta' with that said i would like to get to the main point

Changing a few weapons and their characteristics! maybe i could add more to this later....

first off,MG42 is an HMG that is Heavy Machine Gun! however by default in WaW it has the 2nd lowest damage of the MG's only mg with less being the FG42,this is an absolute joke and should be changed, the MG42 fired 7.92x54mm Mauser Cartridge which is a very nasty cartridge, damage should be considerably increased to about that of the BAR or DP-28 range,ammo capacity should be increased to 100 rounds (even though that was mainly belts) kick/recoil could be slightly increased as well, to 'balance' these changes,no sprinting,and general movement is slower,no ADS unless deployed in a designated in game location/fixture it can keep it's poor hipfire accuracy,even be made a bit worse but the changes desired would be as follows

increased damage to BAR/DP-28 levels
mag size increased to 100
slower movement and no sprint
No ADS (unless mounted/deployed)
slower reload speeds
increased kick and recoil

next up the M1919 Browning MG not the BAR
it's kind of obvious this needs a damage increase as it fired the same cartridge as the M1903 Springfield Sniper rifle (Also in game,duh) the .30-06 cartridge which speaks for itself

Increased damage to about BAR level
Mag size also increased to 100 rounds
and all of the mobility/handling changes to aforementioned MG42
No ADS (unless mounted or deployed)
slower movement and no sprint
slower reload speeds
increased kick and recoil

next up sniper rifles!

all would receive a slight damage increase (yes including PTRS...)

however our standout changes would be to the Arisaka due to it's use of the 7.7mm cartridge which is even beefier than that of the Mosin by a bit thus it would have 2nd highest damage of all sniper rifles,just above mosin by a bit,but obviously less than PTRS also kick with iron sights (bayonet too) greatly increased as i can tell you from 1st hand experience she kicks like a mule (i couldn't fire more than 10 rounds before saying screw it,it hurt that much lol),basically give iron sights based variants kick equal to that of the scoped version
decreased RoF to mosin level

next the dreaded SMG's...
all get a small effective damage range reduction as well as slightly more kick and recoil,their base damage can remain as is as well as mobility,PPsh-41 getting a tad bit more recoil added to it than others due to the very high RoF and a hair damage buff increase to the PPsh-41 as well

next up rifles...this is TBD atm for me as i know changes need to be made but i'm not sure as to what levels
shotguns as well can remain as is (for now)
handguns TBD as well

a recap and reminder this is simply a proposal to make the server more...interesting and see if we can't get some changes in how people play or use their weapons aimed at a more enjoyable experience as quite frankly i'm not the only one getting tired of the SMG steady aim,stopping power combo even on large maps where MG's,SR's and regular rifles should be more used

also on a side note:flak jacket needs increased effectiveness as it seems to do little to no difference with it equipped vs explosives,also satchel charges having damage slightly reduced too,or tank health increased as idc what you say a FULL HEALTH/UNDAMAGED tank shouldn't be destroyed with 2 satchel charges and someone not even using the fireworks perk,fireworks perk on,fine i get it...without it,It simply should not happen unless the charges land underneath of the vehicle or driven over these full health tank kills are occurring when thrown far above the vehicle either that or decrease the time taken for tanks to respawn slightly,i would just like tanks to be a tad more durable than what they are atm especially against satchel charges thrown above or on the tank...i can provide plenty of evidence of this nonsense happening if needed
hopefully this gets a bit of attention or at least some consideration,again i'm not aiming for realism,just less 'BS' simply put...thank you

Ban Requests / Jharmon42272
« on: February 22, 2021, 11:13:00 PM »
Your In-Game Name:Phantom_XYX

Cheaters In-Game Name:Jharmon42272

Which Server (Server 1 Or 2): Server #2 (US Server?)

Reason for request:aimbot/autoaim (despite it being a crappy one)


i really apologize for the crappy Mp4 i don't know why OBS has such a big issue with recording quality for WaW so i included the dm_6 file which is WaW's built in recorder,and is of far better quality i believe all you'd have to do is add it to your demo's folder under (for me) the players folder the demo's folder and run it back with the console by using/(demo name) either way you can see how his aim snaps impossibly,etc etc it's obvious he's not legit that's my point,he can't even time his shots right with it

EDIT:In this link i'm providing you with how to record and such with WaW's built in record and screentshot function,maybe add it to this forum section

Call Of Duty/WARZONE / Re: About tweaking....
« on: February 12, 2021, 08:13:51 PM »
You only can do that in single/co op , in multiplayer even if you changed it won't apply as you join server settings so client are enforce.
actually settings of it can be changed regardless of server settings because it's client specific but right now im asking a few people about it's exact function but i myself do not believes it gives one an unfair advantage,even if it did,anyone is able to change it,so it's not even cheating since the game doesn't restrict you from changing it,it does not 'abide by' servers settings unless specifically set

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