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Application for PDG (GodSwampert)

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Application for PDG (GodSwampert)

Name: Alex
In-game Name: GodSwampert
Country: US
City: Saint Clair
Age: 23
Do You Have Any Other Games?: Old School Runescape, Diablo 3, Super Smash Bros, Magic The Gathering Arena
Do you plan on getting or have an interest in Battlefield V? Nah
How long have you been playing in PDE Servers?: 3-4 weeks now
What are you good at? Any game skills? I'm usually at the very least decent at most games. I've been doing pretty well since I started playing on the World At War server. There's no voice chat so I usually just do my thing, especially since it's mostly TDM. Otherwise I do try to play the objective.
Introduce Yourself: Hi, my name's Alex. I recently bought World at War on steam due to nostalgia, and after playing it a bit I was reminded why I loved the game more than other CoDs. I was looking for a vanilla server and found PDE and have been enjoying my stay on the server.
What do you think about PDE?: I enjoy playing on the server, the members with the PDE tag seem pretty friendly and chill. I wouldn't mind becoming a part of that community!

(Reposting this for just a PDG application, since PDE is more strict in requirements)

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Good application but you have to play more. Try to talk more to the PDE/PDG/PDGA members, catch rule breaker by demo or doing high kills might impress them. Good luck

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