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Greetings lads

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Greetings lads

Decided after being an on-and-off player on the WaW server for almost a year that I'd engage the community.

I love WaW, was my first CoD game and I rinsed it almost as much as MW2 when I was on Xbox. Switched to PC fully in 2012/13.

It's so amazing to have such an active server on a game I was pretty sure had died a long time ago, so I've been hopping into the server a few times a day to frag out of my mind and remember why I loved the game so much.

Just a Welsh country-boy, and being raised in such a secluded area, games were my only social place. I'm grateful to the server owners for continuing to support this game and maintaining an awesome server for me to relive my XB360 glory days on :)

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Hey Xiolence welcome to PDE forums and servers, enjoy a happy gaming

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...yup, thats what happens when you got multiple pages open in browser and you paste a link into a wrong thread, now I cant delete it

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