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Welcome to PDGA/PDE

Welcome to the PDE/PDGA forums!

A New Look!

The forums have a new look! If you prefer the dark look there is a button at the bottom of the forum called theme and click QAI for the dark theme!
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Recent Announcements


Site Repaired

Tuesday our website went down due but has since been repaired from the ground up. Everything is up and running other than our plugin that shows twitch stream which is seriously broken, but I'll look into fixing it. If anyone finds bugs/glitches anywhere send me a pm of what you did to cause it and a screenshot.
Thank you for your patience these past few days and I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the recent down time,

Donation System Issues (Resolved)

Thanks to one of our generous donators @Mike_J92 for pointing this out to me. 

Since I implemented the new donation system, users with staff or member ranks have not been receiving their donator ranks and over all users that donated would lose the rank over a period of 30 days. This has since been fixed, the automatic rank system attached to the donation system has been edited so ranks are given as secondary ranks instead of trying to conflict with primary ranks and the time limit has been removed. I have gone through donation logs and gave everyone that had donated their rank, if I may have missed someone please PM me and I will look at logs confirm it and give you the rank.
One other thing to note, when you donate make sure to post in http://www.pdelite.org/forums/forum/16-donations/ so senior staff can give you your rewards in game.
Thank you for your time and I apologize for the inconvenience,

Forum Update

Many of you have probably haven't noticed other than the white outlines on everything. I would remove them but I think they make everything pop out in a good way.
The update is a beta update for the next big step Invision Power is taking with their forum software at this point it's mainly big administration side improvements.
If any of my forum staff have questions about the new admin cp message me on steam or the twitch app.
As for the public side of things, the reputation system has been revamped, I can add "reacts" to it but I figured the simple upvote, downvote is the best way to get Liking it is the same as upvoting.
Clubs have been introduced which is a cool feature. IT's pretty much self explanatory.
But like I said this is a beta update so if you find any bugs tell me and I will try to work them out.
Enjoy the improved forums!

Forum Update

New updates are to come to the forums with the soon to be released update and I'm working with a friend of mine on a new theme for the website.
Enjoy the new recent announcements page which will make it easier to see the important happenings going on with PDE